In 1995 and from the union among professionalism and experience, was born Commerciale 3B S.r.l. become immediately a great reality in the marketing of ceramic products devoted to hobbysti and firms of the sector.

Today the firm is able to satisfy the applications of the market in Europe and answers to the application of the market in many countries as Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Slovenia, introducing itself  as an important point of reference in a lot of parts of the world.

The manifold typologies of kiln for ceramics, the numerous mullite and cordierite refractory materials for the cooking of the realizations, the lot of pieces of exchange for ceramic fittingses and the guarantees offered on the products testified by the certificates CEE, offered from Commercial 3B S.r.l. they will find an answer to any application accompanied by the untiring search of advanced products and quality.


Commercial 3B S.r.l. for over 30 years it puts to the service of privacies and firms in the ceramic sector and it is pleased to offer numerous products of the sector able to answer to the demanding applications.


Via Friuli 13
41049 Sassuolo (Mo)
T. +39.0536 804561
F +39.0536 807817